If you need some good financial advice to keep your financial affairs under control, and more importantly, to save more money and avoid debt, it is important that you learn from the best source. If you read at least one good article from a good money saving blog, you will be able to develop a good understanding about how to manage your money well. Here are the 15 best blogs to follow about saving money:


Penny Go Lightly.

This blog teaches you about how to buy high quality things for less money, with tips on saving money on each of your purchases. Site: http://www.pennygolightly.com/



This blog teaches you about the best advice on money and debt, told in a straightforward manner. You will not find any bad money saving advice here. Site: http://www.happier.co.uk/blog


Help Me To Save.

Many people have difficulty to save their money. So, this blog is there to help people who have the difficulty to save money to start saving money and turn it into a good habit. Site: http://www.helpmetosave.com/


Discount Coder.

This blog teaches you about how to take advantage of discounts and save more money doing so. It also teaches you to get the best value for your cash. Site: http://www.discountcoder.com/blog/


And Then We Saved.

This blog tells about how to manage your money well and stick to it. It also features various success stories that will inspire you to succeed in your life, and in so doing, earn and save more money. Site: http://www.andthenwesaved.com/


Savvy Woman.

This blog helps women to manage their money better, and ensure that they can become a little more on the rich side by doing so. Of course, men can learn some good money saving advice from this blog too. Site: http://www.savvywoman.co.uk/


Savvy Scot.

This blog helps you to become more creative in making money and saving money. In fact, it teaches you about the various ways to make more money, as well as save your hard-earned cash. You can learn a lot from Scot. Site: http://www.savvyscot.com/


Cash Questions.

If you’ve got a lot of questions about money, this blog has got the answers for you. You will find a lot of sound advice about saving and making money, and of course, with the regular content update, you will be able to become an expert in managing your finances. Site: http://www.cashquestions.com/


My Family Club.

Saving money can be an easy thing to do for those who are still single and don’t have any family to manage. This blog gives good advice on how to save more money on a family setting, where you need to use your money to manage your family. Site: http://www.myfamilyclub.co.uk/blogs


Baby Budgeting.

This blog teaches about how to save your money if you are just entering the maternity stage, which can be a little confusing for those who are not savvy enough in managing their finances. Site: http://www.babybudgeting.co.uk/


Money Saving Mom.

This blog is dedicated to help moms to save money to manage their household. It is jam-packed with money saving tips geared towards moms. Site: http://http//moneysavingmom.com


The Happy Housewife.

This blog teaches the housewives about how to live frugally and keep their spending to the minimum in their day-to-day life. Site: http://thehappyhousewife.com/


My Frugal Adventures.

Living frugally can be difficult for you, especially if you have quite a lot of money to spend. But, this blog teaches about how to start your new frugal lifestyle and change your money habits. Site: http://myfrugaladventures.com/


Passion For Savings.

Just as the name suggests, this blog gives you a lot of tips related to saving money and keeping your finances under control. Site: http://www.passionforsavings.com/


Living Well, Spending Less.

You don’t need to waste your money buying things just to ease your stress for a little while. This blog teaches you about various strategies on how to live stress-free while spending less than you earn. Site: http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/

So, are you ready to learn more about how to manage your finances better? Those blogs are the best place for you to start learning.